Flamenco Practice Pads have been developed especially for dancers who have trouble finding a suitable space to practice.

Protects Floors:

Dancers often complain that they can't practice at home for fear of scratching and damaging the floors or slipping around and getting injured.


Improves Technique:

It can be used for drilling specific movements and sequences in steps while improving rhythms, technique, balance and stability. It can also double up as an exercise mat for warm ups, cool downs and other conditioning exercises.

Prevents Injury:

It has a built in sprung-tech layer which gives a sprung floor feeling to help prevent painful injuries caused by dancing on cement, tiles or other hard surfaces, it also works perfectly on carpet.


Reduces Noise:

The Practice Pad reduces the noise of hard shoe practice and gives dancers the right amount of sound they need without disturbing those around them.


It's non-slip surface is made for Flamenco dance shoes.

Practice Anywhere:

Practice Pads can be easily rolled up (like a yoga mat), they're lightweight and can be used anywhere. Whether at home, in the studio or while traveling, now you can practice anywhere!