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Allow me to introduce myself - I am Shane McAvinchey and the owner of Vinci Dance Mats. Our dance mats are the worlds first portable, noise reducing, floor protecting, injury preventing dance practice floor that can be rolled up like a yoga mat!

Finally! A Solution For Percussive Dance Practice!!

No More Damaged Floors, Injuries Or Noise Complaints during your Tap, Flamenco, Irish, Clogging or any other percussive dance styles.

My team and I have been testing materials and developing the idea for portable practice mars for over 5 years to create the ultimate practice equipment for you.

Our non-slip dance mats combine cutting edge sprung-floor effect technology that not only reduces excess noise but also ensures full stability and durability without being too hard on the body. The sturdy materials reduce injury and eliminate floor damage during your daily practice routine at home, in studio or on the go.

Our Dance Mats

The idea for the practice mats came while Shane was teaching his dance school in the city of Munich. He was wondering why nobody was practicing at home. His students, many of whom lived in city apartments, told him that they couldn't practice at home for fear of disturbing the neighbours or scratching the floors. Then he had an idea, what if all his students had a protective, sound proofing, mobile practice mat of their own in unique colours & designs? Whats more, what if they could bring these dance mats to the studio to practice while classes are in progress without disturbing the others, and what if they could bring them to competitions to warm up on?! ... Immediately he got to work and the Irish Dance mat was born. Once the Irish dance mat was successful Shane began to look at other dance styles that could benefit from the dance mat and so the Tap & Flamenco Practice Pads were created.

"This pad is great! It's the only one I've seen that can be rolled up and it's so easy to store and pull out when needed. It also does a good job at padding sound - I live in a second-story apartment and haven't had any complaints."

- Claire

Shane performing in a piece he choreographed for a Russian advertisement, the video has had almost 7 million views on YouTube. Check it out HERE

More about Shane

Shane McAvinchey is a former Riverdance star, Irish dancing teacher (TCRG) and leader of various professional Dance training programs. He started dancing at the age of 6 and went on to place top 5 in the World Championships and tour with Riverdance for many years. Since then he has toured with some of the worlds biggest productions, produced his own shows and taught his own dance school and workshops across the world.

"I am thrilled to share my dance mats with you! My team and I are constantly testing and developing materials and designs to create the ultimate practice equipment for dancers of all styles. 

Our dance mats provide a non-slip surface combined with cutting edge sprung floor effect technology that ensures full stability, durability and performance helping you reduce noise, reduce injury and eliminate floor damage during your daily practice routine - something I wish I had when I was a young dancer!" - Shane McAvinchey


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