Hi there!

Allow us to introduce ourselves - we are the creators of the Practice Pad, the worlds first portable, noise reducing, floor protecting, injury preventing dance practice floor!

Finally! A Solution For Percussive Dance Practice

No More Damaged Floors, Injuries Or Noise Complaints during your Tap, Flamenco, Irish, Clogging or any other percussive dance styles!

We are thrilled to finally share Practice Pads with you! Our team have been testing materials and developing the idea for Practice Pads for over 5 years to create the ultimate practice equipment for you.

Our non-slip surface combines cutting edge sprung-effect technology that ensures full stability, durability and performance helping you reduce noise, reduce injury and eliminate floor damage during your daily practice routine at home, in studio or on the go.

The Company

Our company started in 2014, when founder, Shane McAvinchey, a former Riverdance star, Irish dancing teacher and founder of various professional Irish Dance training programs, was teaching a girl how to use heavy shoes. He told her 'Practice! Practice! Practice!' but she said she was not allowed practice at home because of expensive wooden floors. The fear of scratching them and disturbing the neighbours. It reminded him of his own childhood and how his family would scream at him 'Will you stop dancing!' So he had an idea... Imagine all his students had a protective, sound proofing, mobile Practice Pad of their own in unique colours & designs. Then he questioned whether other percussive dance styles had the same problems so he asked Tap dancers and Flamenco what they thought.

After seeing the demand he teamed up with co-founder Caroline and the two of them set out on a mission - to help dancers practice at home, at the studio or on the go - and hey presto, here we are with dancers using Practice Pads as part of their dance training all around the world!