The Flamenco
Practice Pad

Dance at home, online or on the go without scratching the floors, disturbing the neighbors or slipping around, shop Flamenco Practice Pads today!


♥ Oval Shape measuring 35" x 47"

♥ Light weight,

♥ Non-slip vinyl top layer for great support & stability

♥ Central foam layer absorbs just enough sound for you to hear without disturbing those around you.

♥ Foam layer provides cushioning and support from hard surfaces.

♥ Non-slip underside will stop it from slipping around

♥ Made from durable, long lasting materials

♥ Ideal for use on any surface - wood, tile, ceramic etc., works great on carpet too!

♥ Lays flat when its practice time

♥ Rolls up like a yoga mat for easy storage


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Irene Olvera

Irene Olvera is one of the most celebrated young Flamenco dancers of our time. Her energy and passion is electrifying and witnessing her dance is poetry in motion.

We are honoured that Irene uses Flamenco Practice Pad for her practice when she can't make it to the stage or the studio.

Muchas Gracias Irene!